Back deck of two story Westshore remodel in Belvedere

Belvedere Water Front Remodel


Rustic piers and the San Francisco Bay go hand in hand. When we were contacted by the residents of the Belvedere Water Front home who were in the process of selling, we knew any repairs needed to be completed quickly in order to finalize the sale. Our goal was to highlight the two story views overlooking the bay, while modernizing the foundation to be structurally sound.

Crane being lowered onto scaffolding.
Aerial view of crane.


Partially submerged depending on the tides, our team was tasked with repairing the failing structural steel foundation resting below the surface of the bay. Since it was located over the water, all repair work needed to be completed off strategically placed scaffolding. Our team of dedicated workers were at the mercy of the ocean, as well as erratic weather conditions since the project had to be performed during the peak of winter storm season in order to meet the client’s deadline.

Close up of beams on scaffolding.
Beam being lowered by crane onto scaffolding.


The Hadley team devised unique shoring techniques, so that the weight of the house could be temporarily transferred to the scaffolding while the foundation repairs were being made. Through careful scheduling and the perseverance of our amazing crew, the new structural steel beams were installed successfully and our client was thrilled.

Front of two story Westshore remodel in Belvedere displaying the front door

Client Feedback

“I wanted to express my personal thank you for Hadley’s help and assistance with our project. We were able to close last week and couldn’t have done it without them. For the first time this weekend, I felt “free” not having any lingering projects to deal with and let me tell you, the feeling is great!” Belvedere Water Front Residents