Top 3 Reasons to Remodel Your Kitchen

February 01, 2021 by Jeff Hadley

Your kitchen is the most used room in your house. It’s where meals (and memories) are made, and is often the centerpiece of the home. It should blend functionality with design and personal style. That’s probably why many homeowners turn to the kitchen first when looking to tackle a remodeling project. Yet, simply wanting the kitchen of your dreams is not the only reason you should upgrade it. Find out why a kitchen remodel is considered a smart move as a homeowner.

1. Overall Increased Home Value

When you opt for a kitchen remodel, you’ll immediately gain equity in your home. As we mentioned before, your kitchen is the most used room in the house. Oftentimes, it is also the first room to become outdated. If you have an older home, anything from inefficient appliances to trendy paint colors can make a kitchen (and the overall home) seem less appealing to potential buyers down the road.  People inherently see increased value in a modern and upgraded kitchen. Industry data also backs this with homeowners experiencing 70-90% recouped costs from a kitchen remodel.

2. Enhanced Energy Efficiency 

Let’s be honest. Most of us throw money away every month due to inefficient home appliances. It’s almost cringeworthy how much money is wasted on energy produced by old and outdated dishwashers and refrigerators.  Installing new light fixtures and appliances can really make a huge difference in your monthly power bill, leading to recouped costs of the kitchen remodel budget. In the end, upgrading to energy efficient appliances truly does pay for itself in the long run. And when you decide to put your house on the market down the road, prospective home buyers will also see the value of your new energy efficient appliances.

3. Improved Functionality

A functioning kitchen equals a happier family. It’s true. Your kitchen needs to fit your family’s lifestyle, especially if you love to entertain and host gatherings. As an example, many older homes were designed with galley kitchens, or kitchens within an area closed off to the living room. This might work for some, but most families with small children need a kitchen having an open floor plan and a layout with lots of storage space. The same is true for those homeowners who enjoy entertaining. There is nothing worse than hosting a gathering with friends and family, only to be completely isolated from your guests as you prepare the party food in the kitchen.  A kitchen that lacks flow and function for your family’s needs will ultimately lead to ongoing frustration and discontent. Your home should be a place where you spend time together, entertaining and making memories over shared recipes and conversation. Not stuck behind a wall away from everyone else.

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