Top 3 Reasons to Remodel Your Bathroom

January 01, 2021 by Jeff Hadley

While it’s not the centerpiece room of your home, let’s be honest: you spend a lot of time in your bathroom. So it makes sense that homeowners tend to take notice when it’s time for an upgrade. Whether decompressing in a relaxing tub after a long day, or perhaps sharing a double vanity with your spouse as you both get ready for work, your bathroom should feel more like a retreat and less like, well, a room with a bath. Still not sure if it’s worth the investment? Here are 3 Reasons to Remodel Your Bathroom.

1. Improved Utility 

If you live in an older home, you’ve probably met your fair share of plumbers. Or perhaps they’re over so often, you’re on a first-name-basis with them. Bottom line, plumbing issues are expensive and a huge hassle. Any smart homeowner knows that maintenance and deflection of any potential plumbing problems before they happen is much better than having to fix it after the fact. With a bathroom remodel, this gives you the opportunity to update and improve the overall utility of the room. With newer plumbing installed, you can save money in the long run by avoiding ongoing plumbing repairs.

2. Energy Efficiency & Savings

When you hear the word “water conservancy,” it probably conjures up thoughts about the environment. Of course we all want to create more earth-friendly spaces within our homes through energy efficient appliances. But what about energy efficient fixtures such as faucets, shower heads, and lighting? A bathroom remodel will allow you to update any electrical as well as faucet fixtures throughout the space, leaving you feeling better about your energy and water consumption and--of course--your utilities bills.

3. Increased Home Value

When you opt for a bathroom remodel, you’ll immediately gain equity in your home. As we mentioned before, your bathroom is one of those personal spaces in your house that is used by both your family as well as guests. If you have an especially older house, anything from antiquated cabinets to outdated tile can make a bathroom seem less appealing, especially to potential buyers down the road.  People inherently see increased value in a modern and upgraded bathroom. This is most likely due in part to the fact that we spend a lot of thoughtful time in this space, yet it is also the room in which our guests most definitely use during visits. Statistically speaking, remodeling your bathroom is a smart move since industry data shows homeowners experience 70-90% recouped costs from their project upon resale. 

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