Hidden Dangers Beneath: Pier & Piling Safety

October 11, 2021 by Jeff Hadley

Stunning views. Salty sea breeze. Tranquil scenery. It’s no wonder so many homes in Marin County are built over the water! Ocean front living is one of the many reasons our area is such a desirable area for homeowners. Yet, with all the beautiful ocean water comes maintenance and responsibility. 

It is critical to have your pier and pilings inspected regularly for structural stability to ensure they have not fallen into disrepair, leading to partial or full collapse. It is common for houses in Marin County built over the water to have wood pilings, or steel and concrete pilings. The problem is homeowners may not realize their pilings have begun to rot or corrode. Frequently, the bracketry and other connections also start to fail. In recent months especially, thorough inspection of concrete pilings have been the talk of much national concern following the tragic Florida condo collapse.

At Hadley, we are certified in one of the most commonly recommended pile repairs: Simpson FX-70® Wrap. Our team is highly skilled and efficient at completing these piling repairs, and has all the necessary equipment and training to ensure your pier and piles are safe and secure.

Bottom line, don’t wait until it’s too late. As the homeowner of a waterfront property, your responsibility is to maintain the structural soundness of your pier. Most home insurance policies will not cover collapse caused by homeowner neglect and wear-and-tear. Save yourself thousands if not millions of dollars in damage by scheduling an inspection, estimate and repair with Hadley and our certified team of piling experts.

At Hadley General Contractors, we have the expertise and trained crew to perform the work that is required to maintain, stabilize, and repair pile foundations that support these homes over the water. We work with qualified engineers and perform this critical work correctly and efficiently with the most advanced products to ensure your home will stand for years to come. 

Don’t ignore the need to routinely inspect your structure over water! Contact our Hadley team today to schedule an inspection.

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