Choosing Backup Power Solutions: Generator vs. Battery Backup

April 30, 2024 by Jeff Hadley

The San Francisco Bay Area is renowned for its stunning natural beauty. However, we've seen firsthand how Mother Nature's forces can also wreak havoc, repeatedly leaving thousands across the region without power during bouts of severe weather, wildfire threats, and other disruptions over the last few years. At Hadley General Contractors, we understand the importance of being prepared when the electricity goes out unexpectedly. That's why we're here to guide you through the world of backup power solutions – specifically, generators and battery backup systems.

Both generators and battery backups can keep your essential appliances (or the whole house) running during a power outage. However, they have distinct advantages that make them suitable for different needs. Let's delve into each option to empower you to choose the ideal solution for your home.

Powerful and Long-lasting: Standby Generators

  • Fuel-powered workhorses: Generators are like mini power plants, typically fueled by natural gas or propane. They kick in automatically during an outage, seamlessly keeping your lights on, refrigerators humming, and essential electronics powered.
  • Suitable for extended outages: Generators provide extended backup power, which is ideal for weathering lengthy outages caused by severe weather or grid failures.
  • Scalable to your needs: Hadley General Contractors can help you determine the right generator size to power your essentials or your entire home.
  • Professional installation: Generators must be installed per manufacturer specifications and current California Building Codes. This often necessitates professional installation to connect them safely to your home's electrical system to ensure proper ventilation and compliance. 

Things to Consider with Generators:

  • Fuel needs: Generators require readily available fuel to operate. If you are not connected to natural gas, factor in storing sufficient fuel for your anticipated outage duration.
  • Maintenance: Like any engine, generators require regular maintenance and exercise cycles to function optimally.
  • Noise: Generators produce noise while running, so placement is crucial. Hadley General Contractors can advise you on optimal placement, considering noise ordinances and neighborly considerations. This can be tricky in some municipalities with strict regulations. 

Clean and Convenient: Battery Backup Systems

  • Silent and emission-free: Battery backup systems store energy during normal operation and provide power when the grid goes down. They are silent and environmentally friendly.
  • Quick power restoration: Battery systems kick in instantly during an outage, ensuring minimal disruption.
  • Scalable for smaller loads: Battery backup systems are well-suited for powering essential appliances like lights, refrigerators, and select electronics during shorter outages.
  • Easy installation (for some systems): Some smaller battery backup systems are self-contained and relatively easy to install, while most will require professional assistance.
  • Peak Demand Offset: Battery backup systems can also be used to avoid peak bill rates by charging early in the day when electricity is cheaper and using the stored energy during peak rate billing times. 

Things to Consider with Battery Backup Systems:

  • Limited runtime: Battery capacity determines how long they can power your appliances. Carefully consider your needs and choose a system with sufficient runtime.
  • Recharge time: After an outage, the system needs to recharge from the grid, which can take time depending on the system's size and your power source (solar panels can expedite recharging).
  • Cost: Battery backup systems tend to have a higher upfront cost compared to generators.
  • Solar: Battery backup systems tend to make the most sense when coupled with a solar system. 

Making Your Choice

Consider your power needs, budget, and outage frequency when choosing a backup power solution.

  • A generator may be the ideal choice for extended outages or powering your entire home.
  • A battery backup system is a great option for shorter outages and quiet operation, especially if you can couple it with solar panels for recharging.

At Hadley, we understand that every household has unique needs. Contact us today for a free consultation. Our experienced team will assess your requirements and recommend the perfect backup power solution to keep your home comfortable and secure during any power outage.

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