First Contract For Homes In Belvedere Signed

Operating out of the attic of their newly built gas station on Tiburon Blvd., Robinson and Sharp began building homes for the Belvedere Land Company on Belvedere Lagoon. In April of 1950, a contract was signed for them to build 10 homes on the land for the sum of $101,940.00, or a mere $10,194 per house! 

1950 – 1970

Building a Town

In the late 1950’s, Bob Hadley joined the team as a carpenter and quickly rose through the ranks while spending many years as Ireland & Robinson’s main foreman. Bob Hadley assisted Ireland & Robinson in the building of today’s Boardwalk Shopping Center, Post Office, Howard Allen Building, and many more buildings around town.

Photo Credit: The Landmarks Society Archives - Allen Collection

1970'S – 1980'S

Earning The Reputation of The Premier Homebuilder in Marin County

Throughout the 1970’s and 1980’s, Bob and his son, Larry began to build a reputation for being the best custom home contractors in the area. One of the custom homes they built was referred to as the “Belvedere Hotel” due to its size and was rumored to have used more concrete than the Embassy Suites in San Rafael. By always honoring their work and making it right, Hadley was able to grow the company to about 15 employees.


Bob Hadley Buys Out Ireland and Robinson

In the early 1970’s Bob Hadley requested Ireland & Robinson make him a partner. At first they declined and it wasn’t until Hadley mentioned opening up his own business that they agreed. Thus the company became Ireland-Robinson and Hadley. The Hadley family still remembers locals saying, “It’s about time Hadley got his name on those trucks.” Not long afterwards, Bob purchased the business from Ireland and Robinson when they retired in 1972.


Larry Hadley Begins Working at Ireland - Robinson & Hadley, Inc.

During his senior year of high school, Larry Hadley, Bob’s son, began working for the company. Upon graduation, Larry began to work his way up from laborer to foreman just as his father did. Eventually, Bob brought Larry into the office to learn the ropes of running the business. One of the things that set the company apart was taking on projects of all sizes, from small repairs to brand new homes and everything in between.


Larry Hadley Continues The Tradition of The Hadley Way

In 1994, Bob retired and Larry took over the responsibility of quality home building. Continuing to run the business with a high attention to detail, Larry held true to the company’s values while growing the business from 15 employees to 45. Through the 90’s and 2000’s, the company cemented its reputation as the premier custom home contractor in Marin by completing many complex, multi-million dollar projects with very satisfied customers.


100 Year Celebration of Belvedere

In 1996, Larry along with the help of foreman Franc Dusak, built and donated the Gazebo for Belvedere’s Centennial Celebration. The gazebo can be found in the park next to Belvedere City Hall and houses a time capsule that was placed there during the celebration. A few years later Ireland-Robinson & Hadley, Inc. donated all the labor to build the new playground in the same park for the community to enjoy. This is just one example of how Ireland-Robinson & Hadley, Inc. has given back to the community over the years.


Larry Hadley Named Belvedere Citizen of The Year

In 2009, Larry was honored as Tiburon’s Chamber of Commerce Citizen of the year for his involvement with the community. The Chamber stated that “Larry is so generous to our community, and he’s always willing to volunteer at the drop of a hat.” Along with the numerous project and labor donations made to the community, Ireland-Robinson & Hadley, Inc. has habitually given financial support to many community events.


Hadley Becomes a 3rd Generation Business

In the summer of 2018, Jeff Hadley joined the Ireland-Robinson & Hadley, Inc. team marking the beginning of a new era and officially making it a three-generation business. Jeff’s father Dan, who retired from the company after 30 years, jokingly says that construction is a genetic disorder in the Hadley family. Jeff plans to continue the company’s legacy of quality home building and excellent customer service for many years to come.


Hadley Named Tiburon's Business of The Month

In July of 2019, Ireland-Robinson & Hadley, Inc. was named Business of the Month by Tiburon’s Chamber of Commerce. The article states: 

“[Jeff] also believes in giving back to the community. He learned that the chamber needed a general spring cleanup at the Art & Garden Center, so Jeff, and eight of his fellow employees spent a half-day moving a fence, trimming trees and sprucing up the yard in a major cleanup.”


A New Chapter

In January 2020 Ireland-Robinson & Hadley, Inc. decided that after almost 50 years of being managed solely by the Hadley family,  it was time to update the company name. While paying homage to the past, and looking to the future, Ireland-Robinson & Hadley, Inc. officially became Hadley General Contractors, Inc. Hadley is still committed to serving its clients and community with dependability, honesty, and compassion and pledging to always do things “The Hadley Way”.


Business of the Year Award

Just as in years past, Hadley was happy to help with several 2020 service projects including a spring cleanup at the local Art & Garden Center; the building of a Covid-19-compliant mobile stage for the Belvedere’s Concerts In The Park; the partial restoration of the historic Old St. Hillary’s landmark; and the build-out of the new Tiburon Visitor’s Center. Because of these efforts, Hadley was honored and humbled to be named the 2020 Business of the Year by the Tiburon Peninsula Chamber of Commerce.

A Message from Jeff Hadley

Over the years Hadley has become synonymous with two things: a quality of construction that is second to none and client oriented customer service that creates lasting relationships. By always acting in our client’s best interest, we have built a legacy of dependable, quality construction and rooted ourselves as the premier homebuilder in Marin County. We strive to do our best every day, in every way possible, and never waver from our commitment to quality. We stand by our work and take on any project, big or small. As part of the community, we take care of its people and believe in giving back to the place that has given so much to us. By doing this, we have prospered for 70 years and will continue to thrive.

Jeff Hadley Hadley General Contractors, Inc.

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