Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where do I start?

    Give Hadley a call to discuss your project as every project is different and the best approach can vary. 

  • What areas of California does Hadley serve?

    Hadley has rooted itself as the premier home builder in Marin County over the last 70 years. Hadley has also completed many projects in the San Francisco and Sonoma Counties. As the company grows we are looking to expand into the East Bay and Napa County. We specialize in tight access sites, delivering a superb product, and love a good challenge so please reach out if you have a project in the North Bay that needs tackling. 

  • What kind of additions does Hadley specialize in?

    Hadley handles all sizes and types of additions. We have experience in creating additional stories to a house (either above or below the existing), pushing out walls, and changing roof lines to create additional space for kitchens, baths, living rooms, and master bedrooms. We are also happy to handle smaller additions like pop outs for a breakfast nook or adding a little extra space in a bathroom.  

  • What home building technologies does Hadley use?

    Hadley is at the forefront of certain construction technologies such as cloud-based management and job cost tracking while still upholding the “true craftsmen” culture that comes from the decades of building experience our foreman and carpenters possess. Finding a balance between the new and old and integrating time-tested techniques with new technology is what really sets us apart.

    In the field, we implement technologies such as laser-controlled total stations which allows us to take architectural or engineering drawings and convert them into a 3-dimensional point-based system. We can then use the total station to pinpoint that exact location within a 16th of an inch in the field. Whether laying out drilled piers, foundation, structural steel, or framing elements, this method allows us to complete a layout with greater accuracy and speed than others doing it in the traditional way.

  • Does Hadley only tackle large custom home projects?

    Hadley handles all-size projects from minor repairs to new custom homes and the occasional commercial project. We believe in taking care of the community and part of that is accepting all job sizes, not just the big ones.

  • What’s the difference between a home builder and a luxury home architect?

    An architect designs the home and Hadley, as the home builder, builds it. There can be a cross-over where the architect helps represent the client to manage the project. This can be necessary for lower-tier contractors. Hadley, however always acts in the client’s best interest and has decades of experience in Construction Management. That being said, we are always happy to work with architects and other design professionals in whichever format the client feels most comfortable.

    One thing that separates Hadley from a typical “Construction Manager” is that we self-perform all carpentry-related trades such as framing and finish work. This gives Hadley the control over the bones and finishes of a home to ensure we are delivering a high-quality product that historically exceeds the client’s expectations. We encourage a team environment between the designer, owner (or owner's representative), and contractor. 

  • How long before I want to start construction should I bring the General Contractor on board?

    It is recommended to bring the general contractor on early in the design process to be able to assist in value engineering and design development. The key is finding someone who you feel you work well with, who you trust, and who you know will do quality work. A team approach to a project involving the architect, engineers, contractor, and other key players always leads to the best outcome.

  • Should I hire an architect first?

    In most cases yes, however depending on the project size, its usually beneficial to talk to a contractor very early on as well so they can recommend an architect that is right for the job and location.

  • What does construction cost per Square Foot?

    Square foot costs are usually a very inaccurate way of judging the project costs and should not be relied upon. More times than not, sub-tier contractors may throw out square foot costs to attract a client, but after the project is said and done the final square foot cost is much higher than their proposal. Custom homes are too complicated to be able to safely rely on square foot costs. If you are interested in a quote please reach out to us and we would be happy to discuss your project with you more in depth.

  • What should I expect during a home renovation or remodel?

    A home renovation or remodel can be a stressful experience with a lot of decisions that need to be made. Hadley aims to make the process as streamlined and stress-free as possible by always being responsive and a team player. Fostering a collaborative approach with all parties including the architect, engineers, designer(s) and the homeowner is one of our highest priorities and we find it helps lead to a successful project. The best way to know what to expect is to give us a call and share some of the details of the project so we can share what you may expect in terms of durations, costs, and any other job-related factors.

  • Why choose to build a custom home?

    The best thing about a custom home is it’s tailored to every one of your wishes and desires. Realistically, the only limiting factor is your budget. It is important to work with someone who will be transparent on all the project costs upfront, so you don’t find yourself in a situation where you have over-committed yourself. The other benefits to a custom home is you can easily add in special features like custom audio/visual controls, lighting controls, and fun and unique factors like waterfall countertops and rainfall showers or jacuzzi tubs. If you do not have the luxury of building a new custom home, you may consider renovating an existing home to make it uniquely yours instead.

  • What types of companies does Hadley partner with?

    Over our 70+ years in business, we have developed lasting relationships with experts in each trade. A benefit of working with an established contractor is that we have vetted and trust all subcontractors we use on your projects. We are often at the top of our partner's lists because of the relationships we build, which helps us get things done that others might not be able to on short notice. We trust our subcontractors and they trust us – this creates a very positive and productive relationship.

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